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I am Kai, the mind of clean-bites

I find life very interesting. What we as humans do and experience. In the end, whatever we do is about relations. We make career to get money, which defines our role in society. Lifestyle marks our distinction in relation to others.

We build and cultivate friendships, we need romances, organize ourselves in interest clubs or parties. We put so much energy put into keeping good relations with our social environment. Often forgotten is the relation to oneself.

The relation to oneself is the most important one. If we don’t have a good relation to ourselves, dark times may come to us. The outside relation is just one of four important pillars to keep our body and mind in balance. The others are sleep, exercise and diet. If one pillar gets out of balance, it can disrupt the others as well.

I started cooking early as a teenager. I was always enjoying to discover flavors, cooking styles and foreign cuisines. After learning them from recipes, I started experimenting by myself and learned to combine old ideas to create new ones.

As I became more and more aware about what I was eating, the big topic of nutrition came into my world. For a long time I was confused by the overwhelming amount of information available out there. Much of what you find is often false, opinion or taken out of context. When talking in a group of people, you often find more than 2 opposite claims in a discussion, whether facts based or not. So who was right? Right about what? Everything? Partially?

Fact is: There is not a single valid answer, but many ways to achieve a healthy goal. Still, there are so many people impacted with global diseases like diabetes, CHD, obesity. Even though most countries have their nutritional guidelines, often in the form of a pyramid, which are pretty much valid plans for a healthy diet, the food industry and aggressive marketing lead too many people into a toxic cocktail of sugar and fat. Bypasses, insulin, drugs and surgery are the answer to that.

I am shocked that this is still happening and killing millions of people every year, only by heart disease. But that’s just the start of the list. Neither is the available science known widespread, nor are there efficient mechanics in place to protect people from well marketed but shitty foods.

I mean, in most countries you can take a sugary biscuit, bloat in the minimum requirement of fiber and then can put a wonderful green label on top of it, that advertises this exact one thing. Add some green and yellow colors on the packaging and you can sell this thing as healthy.

The goal of clean bites

To be honest, for a long I never took guidelines like the pyramids serious. They were just one bit of information in the jungle of advises. I wanted to break through this chaos and invested a lot of time into learning nutrition top down, until I got the big picture.

My goal is to make nutrition accessible and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, in the end, its all about eating whole foods with a good variety and you are mostly good. A claim that everybody knows somehow. But still millions of people pay with their lifetime and quality. I believe, living a healthy lifestyle is not too hard. I want everybody to be able to make educated choices about their lifestyle and enjoy life overall better and longer.

To make smart choices, it is important to understand why to make them. The legitimate reason for a healthy choice can be either found on the surface of the pile of information, or deep down in the world of science. I therefore try to follow the concept “as scientific as necessary, as simplified as possible”. For the nerds like me I try to link sources on hot topics.

Fair sharing policy

I strongly believe that nutrition should be a topic that is accessible to everybody. As marketing and a “profit over people” mentality are creating a lot of false fuzz in the world of food while being the main driver of epidemic diseases, I want people to be educated and able to make smart choices themselves.

The more people understand what they are eating, the better for all. It is in my interest that this knowledge gets shared and leaves a positive impact on the health of our globalized society. So yes! Please feel absolutely free to share graphics, information and recipes from this website! Copy it, upload it to social media, cite it and modify it. That’s all absolutely fine.

As you can imagine, I spend countless hours on research, writing, photography, pixel editing and more to create this site. Naturally, I would love to see if my content can reach places. So if you take pictures or information from this site, I kindly ask you to either put a backlink to the original page or mention my Instagram channel @vegancleanbites with your post. I am happy to hear back from you.

If you want, you can support me here.


  1. sophia timothy

    Super Duper and yummy. Love all your recipes.

  2. Beata

    Hi – Are you serving Long Island, NY areas? we are looking for clean, delicious food delivered through summer.

    • Kai

      Hi Beata,
      I actually am not working in catering or such. Im just a humble nutritionist who shares what he believes in 🙂

      Thanks for reaching out


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