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Feelgood Ramen with fried mushrooms and blackened garlic

Thanks to Ramen, noodle soups finally are sexy again. Even though most Ramen have a solid common base, there is so many variations in flavour. You can have it spicy, creamy, sweet or sour. This  particular recipe tries to cover a bit of everything. If you for example don’t like spicy, leave out the hot sauce. If you want it less sweet, don’t add the syrup. Instead of having a base you can build upon, this recipe offers a complete wholesome flavor, which you can reduce to change in different directions. Same same but different.

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Homemade Guacamole

Who doesn’t know and love guacamole? No, I’m not talking about the pre-packaged stuff you find in the supermarkets – I mean the freshly made, flavour filled and natural version you can easily make at home. Eat it with Nachos, on bread of bring it as a side to your next barbecue.

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Gazpacho – It-can’t-get-more-refreshing cold soup for the summer – Raw and vegan by design

If you wonder what to cook when it is super hot outside and you don’t want to feel heavy and exhausted from eating, you often find great light dishes if you look at the cuisines of warmer regions around the planet. One of those great dishes is Gazpacho. You could also call it the veggie smoothie of Spain, because that’s exactly how it is prepared.

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Nutritious and lovely Oatmeal. Start the day the right way!

Yes yes! I put a plain and simple oatmeal on this blog as well. In many places in the world, oatmeal or porridge is a very common breakfast. No wonder, as oats are packed with fiber and essential minerals like calcium, iron and zinc. Their fiber is known for lowering your blood cholesterol levels. But why stopping here and just enjoy them with milk and sugar? You can get much more out of your favorite breakfast, by adding some more neat ingredients.

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Home-made hummus! It can’t get fresher.

What would the world be without hummus? This delicious, nutritious,  decent dip! I can eat it with almost anything. Done in less than 10 minutes, super affordable and always a welcome guest on parties.

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Zero regrets low fat whole food super chewy burger patties – Bulk Recipe

Here they are finally. It took me 3 approaches to get the texture perfect. Those burger patties are not related to junk food at all. They are completely built from healthy whole food sources and give you a good boost in all your nutrients while being lean on calories.

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Basic vegan Mayonnaise

You might wonder how mayonnaise ends up in a healthy food blog, as it mainly consists of oil and is also widely available in stores. If however you make some smart choices in the preparation and don’t drown your food in it, vegan mayonnaise can be a beneficial and delicious dip in addition to your Barbecue, salad and other dishes.  Besides that, home-made mayonnaise is unbeatably cheap to produce and done in no time.

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Quick and easy whole food carrot cake

If there is one cake that is popular almost anywhere, then it is the carrot cake. The combination of the juiciness of ground carrot with a good seasoning of warm spices is hard to resist.

Like most cakes, carrot cake usually is also packed with a lot of processed stuff like sugar, white flour and margarine or butter. That’s not quite the best treat out of the perspective of healthy eating. Luckily, there are ways of replacing all the unnecessarily unhealthy stuff with some really beneficial components.

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Easy peasy not-so-boring Salad

Okay. I admit it. Reading through any restaurant’s menu my (and your?) attention immediately gets caught by sections such as „Burgers“ and „Pizza“. Because why not? Foods like that are a warming comfort-option after a long week at work. You gotta enjoy the weekend, right? And that’s okay sometimes.

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Home made Lasagne with baked aubergine and rucola

Hell yes, fresh pasta! If you want to make your pasta dish something really special, then you got to swap the dry stuff for something fresh and hand made.

Pasta making really is something easy to do and pasta machines nowadays are really affordable. They can be found starting at €15.  In this recipe we do not go the classic way, and we will not bake the lasagne. No cheese is needed neither to make a great lasagne dish. The combination of fresh pasta, a wholesome sauce and quality ingredients make this no-bake lasagne

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