Feelgood Ramen with fried mushrooms and blackened garlic

Yields: 2 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 40 Mins

Thanks to Ramen, noodle soups finally are sexy again. Even though most Ramen have a solid common base, there is so many variations in flavour. You can have it spicy, creamy, sweet or sour. This  particular recipe tries to cover a bit of everything. If you for example don’t like spicy, leave out the hot sauce. If you want it less sweet, don’t add the syrup. Instead of having a base you can build upon, this recipe offers a complete wholesome flavour, which you can reduce to change in different directions. Same same but different.

This recipe is divided into several sections of taste. All steps like the seasoning, broth or fried mushrooms can be cooked individually and re-used in other dishes. If you follow the instructions, you will end up with 2 big bowls of ramen. Just adapt the servings below to scale up or down.

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0/22 Ingredients
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    The Broth
  • The fried Mushrooms
  • Blackened Garlic
  • The Flavor
  • The rest


0/11 Instructions
    Preparing the Broth
  • Cut one onion, carrot and celery and slowly fry them in a pot with some oil until they start to turn brown. Add a spoonful of vegetable stock (powder) and one litre of water. Heat up until its boiling.
  • Blend the stock and filter out the bits with a fine sieve or through a kitchen cloth. Return it to the pot and let it simmer. Add the Enoki Mushrooms to the broth.
  • Preparing the blackened garlic
  • Peel the garlic gloves and cut them into rough bits. Heat up a small pan, add the oil and the garlic.
  • Let the garlic fry on high heat until it turns black on the outside. Turn off the heat and let it cool down before moving to the next step.
  • Add the garlic and the oil into a blender and blend until saucy.
  • Preparing the Flavor
  • Get two soup Bowls and add one teaspoon of each: Tahini, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, Miso paste and Mirin (alternatively Agave syrup, if you don't have mirin). Whisk until even.
  • Frying the Oyster mushrooms
  • Cut the mushrooms into broad slices. Heat a pan to medium heat and add some oil, mushrooms and pepper. Let them fry for a couple of minutes until they get a decent roast.
  • Once the mushrooms got some color, add ginger and deglaze with a dash soy sauce.
  • Putting things together
  • Boil the noodles
  • Add the stock with the enoki into the flavoring and give it a good mix. Add the soba noodles on top of that.
  • Add the fried mushrooms, cut some cilantro and spring onion and sprinkle them. Pour some of the blackened garlic sauce over your ramen. You're done!


I recommend trying other ingredients. Soft tofu, Nori, Sprouts, Broccoli,.. so many things work great! Also try different type of noodles. There's for example buckwheat noodles, whole grain noodles, Udon,..  tons of things to choose from.


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