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Hey You! Thank you for checking in here!

Based on the fact that you came to this page, I assume that you find my content helpful, inspirational or in some sense informative. That‘s great news, because this is exactly what I want to achieve here.

My idea of clean-bites is to create a place where everything you want to know about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general becomes accessible and easily understandable. As simplified as life requires it to be, but as scientifically correct as possible.

To funnel both the books and the passion into pieces of knowledge and recipes requires a lot of time. I need to research the state of the art science and break it down to simple to follow tricks and recommendations. A lot of time goes into creating graphics to break down a complex process into simple visualised bits of senseful information. A lot of food gets transformed into not 100% satisfying results before things turn into a recipe. This not only can disappoint oneself, but also flatmates. Remember that 😉

Time and energy comes always at a price - Motivation.

And to motivate me you can do many things. Provide me feedback in the comments or social media. Share my content. Set a backlink. If you wish, you can buy me a coffee - I also am in love with meme coins. You can tip me in banano and doge too.

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Thanks for your support.

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