celebrating a healthy lifestyle

Embracing change towards a healthy lifestyle

Empower lifelong wellness through making informed choices.

Discover new ways to feel great by embracing a healthy lifestyle. At clean-bites, you find tools needed to build a healthy lifestyle that fits who you are:

  • Nutrition made easy. Forget about fixed recommendations and boring diet plans. Learn to understand the basic principles of a healthy diet and drive health through informed decisions.
  • Great tasting recipes. Created with the joy in the moment and the benefits for your body in mind.  Pleasure stays pleasure, and cuts the guilt.

Nutrition for everybody.

I will not tell you what you have to eat. Instead, I teach you what you need to know about food and nutrition so that you can make educated choices yourself.

Healthy and tasty recipes

Food must taste great! That is no doubt. My recipes are designed for full flavor while being built on whole foods.

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Nutritional Science. 
Real Results.

“Embracing Change” provides the scientific tools to craft your unique diet for real health results. Personalize your nutrition, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.
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This is clean-bites

Passion for excellent food and good health

As a kid, I never really understood what I ate. I just blindly followed my ambition and was easily influenced by advertisements. As a consequence, I always had been a little overweight, unfit, and lacking a good share of confidence.

This was subject to change: I first learned to love cooking as a student. This gave me a bit of financial independence, great flexibility, and choice in my life. Over time, I figured out that my choice of foods greatly impacts the climate, environment and animal life. So, I became more conscious about my choices and turned vegan back in 2013.

A lot of things turned out great since then. I felt good in my body and was more energetic and positive. So, I decided to follow down this rabbit hole and find out how a healthy lifestyle can be scientifically designed, and I became a nutritionist.

And I want to share what I learned. Everybody should be equipped to live a happy and healthy life. Everybody should be able to access what it takes to live a healthy and happy life in a way that fits who you are.

And this is my mission.

Portrait of Kai Brockelt, the author behind Clean-bites
Certification Vegan nutritionistCertification Advanced Nutrition for athletes

My Approach

You can make your own educated choice on how you want to be. I value that each person has an individual need, and there is no one solution that fits all. Instead of focusing on solutions, I give you the tools and knowledge to shape your life how it is supposed to be.

My Process

I break down the enormous topic of nutrition into digestible bits – as scientific as necessary but as simplified as possible. You can learn the concepts behind your diet without the need to learn biochemistry. On this, you can count on me.

My Recipes

Any recipe on this site tries to follow the consent for a healthy diet. Ultra-processed foods find no place here. Instead, my dishes are built on natural and whole foods that provide you with great nutrients at a low-calorie density.

Clean-bites was created in 2020 by Kai Brockelt. The project focuses on all-natural, real-food recipes and nutritional education. My goal is to enable anybody to live healthily while making food that tastes great and fuels a balanced lifestyle. 

Mouthwatering dishes that promote health

My recipes combine the pleasure of eating with the great outcome of a healthy diet.
Pick up my easy-to-follow instructions and discover new ways of joy on your plate. 
You will learn new refreshing combinations of taste crafted from fresh ingredients.

Fresh out of the Kitchen

Enjoy my most recent creation.

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Nutritionist's knowledge made so simple that anyone can make an educated choice.

Forget about crazy diet plans and yo yo effects. 
Identify false advise by seing the big picture.
A little knowledge helps against great confusion.

Clean-bites is a knowledge-based approach to diet that lets you be in charge of your health without following plans, stressful restrictions or unbearable rules.
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Fill your day with inspiring dishes directly on your phone. Have a look over my shoulder and get new ideas for your kitchen. Find short, quick, easy recipes that fit perfectly into a post and don’t require long instructions. Save reminders of nutrition knowledge in your bookmarks.

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