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In a world flooded with fad diets, miracle products, and confusing health claims, it's refreshing to find a source of honest guidance and empowerment. 

I am Kai Brockelt, your healthy eating guide and creator of Clean-Bites.

About Kai: Your Certified Nutrition Guide to a Healthier You

My journey into the realm of nutrition began like many others. I wasn't always the nutrition enthusiast you see today. I struggled with health concerns as an adolescent and carried some extra weight. Pale skin, eye bags, and low energy levels were my day-to-day.  At this pivotal stage in my life, I discovered the transformative power of food.

I started my culinary adventure at 19, fueled by a desire to take control of my health. Admittedly, I consumed a fair share of junk food back then but gradually learned to make more conscious food choices. Then came a significant turning point in 2013—I embraced a vegan lifestyle. This decision wasn't just about ethics; it was about necessity. I realized that as a vegan, I needed to understand what I ate to stay healthy.

Over the years, my journey expanded beyond following a vegan diet. I was drawn into countless health discussions, particularly those related to veganism. I was pushed to learn the facts, the science behind nutrition, and the reasoning behind various dietary recommendations. What began as a personal endeavor became a quest to understand the foundations of health, nutrition, and the human body's needs.

As my understanding grew, I delved into topics that explored the origins of health issues and non-communicable diseases. I explored how to create a well-rounded diet, manage calories and weight effectively, and understand the mechanics of macro-metabolism, including fats, carbs, and protein. Nutrient-dense food preparation became a skill I honed, and my curiosity about the intricate relationship between food and health only intensified.

In 2021, I leaped forward by earning two certifications: one in nutrition, focusing on a vegan diet, and another in sports nutrition, emphasizing performance and growth. Armed with this professional background, I felt it was time to share my knowledge. This is precisely why I've started working on Clean-Bites—a platform that empowers you to make informed decisions about your nutrition and well-being and offers great-tasting recipes to support healthy goals.

I am a Certified Nutritionist from Germany.

Certification Nutritionist
Certification vegan nutrtition for athletes
I learned that healthy eating is not about particular dietary patterns like plant-based or keto but a more natural choice of foods. This pattern can be applied to any dietary preference after all.

My Motivation to Nutritional Empowerment:

So, why Clean-Bites? Why is this journey so important to me? The answer lies in a problem that we can't afford to ignore. A staggering 74% of deaths worldwide are non-communicable diseases

While not all these deaths can be attributed directly to lifestyle choices, the correlation is evident. The more we steer towards an unhealthy lifestyle, the more we face diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, and more. These trends are driven by the lifestyle that our society has inadvertently constructed.

Interestingly, many people are perpetually worried about potential deficits in their lives. Yet, they unconsciously journey toward their grave due to excess saturated fats, sugar, salt, and refined products. 

The health and wellness landscape has become a dense jungle filled with non-scientific misinformation. The correct information is often drowned out by an avalanche of quick fixes, crash diets, and "miracle" products. 

This is where the most critical players come into play—the industry and marketing. Many players in the food industry frequently practice "green-labeling" by highlighting the absence of harmful product components, often neglecting the less obvious yet equally detrimental factors. This leads to selling false hopes, unrealistic ideals, and overpriced products, often at the expense of the client's health.

The fitness industry's primary focus often shifts from holistic health to short-term muscle growth and sales. The pharmaceutical industry is criticized for prioritizing profit over healing and opting for medication over holistic approaches.

Bridging the "Why" and "How" of healthy eating

To my surprise, when talking to people and asking them what they understand about dietary recommendations, most people know the core healthy eating recommendations: Limit saturated fat intake, limit free sugars, focus on whole foods, be careful with salt, and eat your greens. And yet, unhealthy lifestyles impact millions of lives.

I soon realized that it is not about “what” people know, but what’s missing to enable people is the understanding behind “why” those recommendations are what they are, and “how” you can practically translate this into your day-to-day life.

Empowering Your Wellness: 
Unlocking Informed Health Choices

With Clean-Bites, I want to break the chains of this never-ending cycle of misinformation. My mission is clear—to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to take control of your nutrition and well-being. It's about going beyond the surface-level "what" of a healthy diet and diving deep into the "why" and "how."

Clean-Bites is not a one-size-fits-all program that dictates what you should eat. Instead, it's a knowledge-based approach designed to make you an informed decision-maker. I want you to know the "why" behind every good recommendation and the "how" to make those choices sustainably, according to your style, preferences, and restrictions.

This platform is meant for anyone who wants to take control of their diet and life —whether you follow a keto, omnivore, vegetarian, or any other dietary style. It's suitable for those with dietary restrictions, for religious, allergies, or intolerance reasons. The foundation of Clean-Bites is about empowering.