Recipes for a healthy Lifestyle

 I design my Recipes with the Scientific Consent for a Healthy Diet in Mind.

 Any Recipe you find here is a Good Companion on a Healthy Diet and also vegan. Tickle your Senses.  

Focus on Whole Foods

Whole Foods have the best Nutrient to Energy Ratio. Get plenty of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants while keeping the Energy low.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh and Seasonal Foods are of Best Quality. They combine  Great Taste with valuable Nutrients.

Variety in Food Groups

Make sure to get your Calories from a variety of Food Types. You get the best Nutritional Value from combining.

Low in Salt, Sugar and Fat

Leave the Sweet and Salty of processed Foods behind and say Hello to Natural Good Taste.

Fresh out of the Kitchen

Enjoy my most recent Creation.



Dips and Sauces

The Perfect Sidekicks for Burgers, Finger Food, Salads and more.


Finger Foods

Away with the Cutlery. All you need is your Hands, big Bites and maybe Napkins.


Italian culture kisses healthy habits.
Enjoy rustic pasta dishes with a lot of added nutritional value.



Eat your Greens! Forget about boring Salads. Here comes the Real Stuff.

Snacks and side dishes

If you don’t feel like going big, or just want to add a piece to the whole puzzle… 


Allow yourself some Treats!
Soul food does not have to be unhealthy. These Sweets are based on Whole Foods and low in refined Sugars. Dig in with no regrets!

Wok and Pan Dishes

Straight foward cooking with quality Ingredients. The best Variety of the Asian Cusine happens in the Wok.  

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